Ultimate Guide How to Make Money on YouTube

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    In this struggling period, making money is not easy. Doing a job is not the only option to make money. There are many other ways to make money online. In this guide, we’ll tell you the best-earning method, which is through YouTube. We’ll explain to you step by step how you can make money on YouTube.

    How much time do you spend watching videos on YouTube? Wouldn’t it be great if you could be a maker, making money with YouTube from uploading videos to this platform? Before you resign from your job to start a YouTube channel, it might be a good notion to investigate more about the requirements and advantages of being a full-time YouTube content maker. You can make good money with YouTube by being a content creator, but it might take time to build an audience and a great viewership on the videos you upload.

    Potential (How much can you make from Youtube):

    There are still many suspicious individuals in this world who don’t accept that it is likely to earn money online. In reality, there are huge success stories of people who make money online through the internet. YouTube is one of the best-earning methods; you can turn into an Internet sensation, and if you are privileged, an Internet mogul.

    YouTube is the most engaging platform for making money online. There are YouTubers out there earning millions of dollars by uploading videos on YouTube staying at home. No doubt, YouTube is the best-earning method nowadays.

    This is a guide to how much YouTubers actually earn:

    • Google pays out 68% of their AdSense income, so for each $100 an advertiser pays, Google pays $68 to the publisher.
    • The actual rates a sponsor pays differ, normally range $0.10 to $0.30 per view, yet averages out at $0.18 per view.
    Earning from youtube

    Earning methods:

    YouTube doesn’t pay content makers for the videos they upload. Videos they upload are not monetized by default. To start making money, you need to enable monetization in your account settings. You have options there to join the YouTube Partners Program or have your videos registered on YouTube Premium.

    There are several methods of how to make money on YouTube:

    1. Become a YouTube Partner and earn money from ads

    The first income stream you’ll possibly search for is ads. Even if you want to earn money on YouTube without uploading videos or as a content maker, joining the YouTube Partners Program and building up monetization is a required step. You can apply for monetization whenever you’ve hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the previous year.

    YouTube Partner and earn money from ads

    YouTube Premium is a paid membership program that allows followers to watch and support their preferred content makers without ads. Makers are paid for YouTube Premium, dependent on how much individuals watch their videos. Consider income acquired from YouTube Premium as an auxiliary income stream along with what you are already earning through advertisements.

    2. Sell Products or Merchandise:

    There are many items to sell that can help you make money through your YouTube channel. You can partner with an existing merchandise network. On the other hand, you’ll be challenging with other YouTubers and have less control over adding merchandise, proposing discounts, merge your content, and all the benefits that come with maintaining your eCommerce site. You can even manufacture and sell your unique merchandise and running your business through your YouTube channel.

    3. Crowdfund your next creative project

    At the point when money is such stands between an idea and its execution, crowdfunding is a decent method to carry out.

    Regardless of whether you need assistance purchasing better equipment, employing entertainers, or covering other creation costs, you can call upon your viewers and the crowdfunding network to try out if your idea is adequately convincing.

    4. Let your audience support your work through “fan funding.”

    Like crowdfunding a task, you can likewise set up “fan funding” streams to source your viewers’ donations. As a maker, you’re contributing your voice to the internet without forcing your audience to pay for affirmation. In this way, in case you’re offering amazing content, your audience may be slanted to help you on a continuous premise.

    Earn With fan funding at youtube

    Many fan funding platforms offer makers another place for individuals to find their content and an approach to engage their most realistic audience and prize them for their support.

    5. Work with brands as an influencer or affiliate

    Brands are investing increasingly more in influencer advertising, spending their commonly huge publicizing financial plans on influencers who’ve just won the confidence of their audiences. This is a great opportunity for you as a content creator if you can arrange the correct deals.

    Earn With Youtube brands as an influencer or affiliate

    Depending upon your influence—your audience demographics, content quality, and how remarkable and productive your specialty is—you may have the option to arrange correct deals if the brand is the best fit.

    Earning On YouTube – Step By Step Guide​

    1. Find A Niche:

    Before starting a YouTube channel, you need to choose which niche you need to target. If you want your YouTube channel to be successful, it’s necessary to keep in mind your channel’s purpose and which niche is in demand. Always do deep research in finding what is popular now. The niche you decide is the base of your YouTube channel.

    Sometimes you don’t need to find a niche. If you’re already good at something, have great skills about something, and are passionate about it, you take it to YouTube and make it your niche. Find your interest and go for it.

    2. Check Competition:

    Search about that niche you targeted. If the topic is jaded, it’ll not be easy for you to become a successful YouTuber in that niche, and it’ll be hard for you to compete with those YouTubers.

    High Competition Niche – Hard To Get Ranking:

    Never target that niche that is too competitive and hard to rank. Because as a beginner, it is tough to compete with that high competition. In the start, you have to target low completion and in-demand niche to get the audience on your YouTube channel.
    Some high competition niches are:

    • Cooking
    • Sports
    • Gaming
    • Fashion
    • Travel
    • Technology
    • Music Channel
    • Finance

    When you target high competition niches, there are high chances to fail badly. So it’s better to avoid too competitive niches if you want to succeed in your YouTube journey.

    Low Competition Niches – Easy To Get Ranking:

    Make sure you niche down enough to make yourself more unique so you have a chance to compete against other YouTubers. Try to find the subcategory of that niche you want to target. You can select the niche of your interest but target low-competition keywords and build your way up. It must be tricky but not impossible.

    3. Selected Niche How Easy For You:

    It is necessary to think, the niche you are going to select is easy for you. If you select that niche that is in high demand, but it’s not easy for you, and you don’t have that much interest in that niche, you probably will lose confidence in a short day.

    4. Create a Youtube Channel

    4.1 Create a YouTube Channel:

    Here are the following key steps to create a YouTube channel:

    • Sign in with the Google account or create another Google account specifically for the YouTube business account.
    • Create a YouTube channel using your Google account. For a personal YouTube channel, you need to enter your first and last name. For a YouTube business channel, use your business or brand name.
    • Then click “create” to activate your account.

    That’s it; you have successfully created your YouTube account. Now let’s jump to the next step.

    4.2 Make your Channel ready:

    Before uploading your video content, you need to make your channel ready with the cover photo, your channel’s logo, just like the banner of Facebook and Twitter. Make your channel icon, and add the banner image. Ensure your channel’s banner image should be unique and catchy that will help you get likes from the audience.

    Now, the main step is to add a description of your YouTube channel. However, Channel descriptions don’t need to be advanced science. A short statement of purpose or welcome message is all that is truly essential. You can add up to five links after your description. YouTube adds your social links to your channel to the banner to make them more accessible to the audience. You can also add your website link if you have a personal or business website.

    4.3 RECOMMENDED – Read YouTube Policies and community guidelines:

    If you want to be successful in your YouTube journey, you have to make sure that are you are doing anything against YouTube TOS (Terms of Services). For this, we recommend you to read the YouTube Policies and Community guidelines. YouTube has very strict policies, and you must be aware of all the TOS when uploading videos on your channel.

    4.4 Understand the monetization criteria

    If you want to earn money through your YouTube channel, you must understand the criteria of monetization. There are the following key rules to get your channel monetized:

    • You need to have 1000 subscribers.
    • You have completed 4000 watch hours over the past year.
    • You fulfill the guidelines and policies of YouTube.
    • You have an AdSense account.

    The last and final step is to connect your YouTube channel with your AdSense account.

    4.5 Connect your Channel with a Google Adsense:

    To start earning money through your YouTube channel, you need to connect your channel with your Google AdSense account. If you don’t have an AdSense account, you can set it up during your YouTube Partner program application. YouTube pays you through your AdSense account.

    5. Things to do before making a video

    Check Demand And Find A Topic

    If you want to be a successful YouTuber, you have to do a proper search before uploading videos on your YouTube channel. It’s not easy to attract the audience. YouTube is a huge platform for reaching new audiences and speed up your growth. You have to check what your audience is demanding and what they love to see. Pick a topic and do research related to your topics. Don’t target high competitive topics. You can select the subcategory. Your topic should be less competitive yet in demand.

    Keywords Analysis

    Do SEO keyword analysis for your video. Target one or two keywords for your video that you want to optimize for. You can use online tools for your keyword research. You aim to appear your video in the top searches for the keyword you chose as a part of the SEO approach. It is important to choose that keyword that matches your content, helps you to gain traffic, and not be too competitive.

    6. When Make a Video

    Make an animated logo and give a wonderful start

    Starting your video with a logo animation is a wonderful way. It attracts the audience and generates interest in the video. Your video intro is the first impression, so it should be wonderful. You can use online tools to make your logo animation or hire a logo animator for your YouTube intro.

    Benefits of animated logo:

    • Grab Audience attention
    • A unique way of starting a video
    • Increase channel presentation

    Mention the topics of your recent videos

    To start your video, always mention your recent video topics. That’ll help the audience who are new to that video. Tell about your recent video to engage an audience and ask them to visit your previous videos as well. Mention the links of your recent videos in the description section. Don’t pick random topics for your videos. It’ll lose interest in the audience, and it’ll be difficult for you to optimize your channel.

    Before ending, mention some interesting upcoming topics

    At the end of the video, mention the interesting topics you will upload in your next videos. It’ll build interest in the audience for your next video. You can also ask the viewers to suggest the topics of their interest in the comment section. At the end of the video, you can say thanks to your viewers to watch the complete video and something like this “If you like our video, don’t forget to like and subscribe to get notified for our very video.” You can also pin your channel link in the comment section.

    7. Things to do after making a video

    Attractive thumbnail

    Thumbnail is the first impression of a video that grab viewers’ attention and make them click to watch your YouTube video. So, your thumbnail should be attractive to the audience. Use high-quality images in your thumbnail. An attractive YouTube thumbnail not only helps you to improve the channel, but it also attracts the audience and visitors to watch your content. Take care of the dimensions of the image when creating a thumbnail. Never make a too large or too small thumbnail, and the size of your image should not be greater than 2MB. Save the image in high quality. If your thumbnail is not much attractive, viewers will never know how good your content is.

    User effective & attractive keywords in the title (Magnetic and power keywords)

    Use relevant and effective keywords in the title of your YouTube video. Power keywords help your video to appear in search engines. Your video title should not increase by 66 characters. Keep your title short yet memorable; show viewers what exactly the video is about. Must add the word “video” in your title of the video and save your video’s file name with your main keyword.

    Write a detailed description.

    Write detailed and keyword-effective descriptions that should be informative and engaging. Write a creative and useful description of the video and add relevant keywords. Don’t use too many keywords. The maximum limit for video description is 800. Use your important points and main keywords at the start of the description because google shows only 25-30 characters in the search result. Put the links of your website or any social media channel at the start so that viewers will see it.

    Use Proper Tags

    Tags are beneficial, and search engines rank your position in search results with tags’ help. Your tags must include keywords. YouTube compares your video with other similar videos based on tags.

    8. Don’t do this

    Don’t make false or misleading thumbnails

    Don’t make clickbait thumbnails for your video, as it is annoying for most of the users. Clickbait thumbnails are designed to grab users’ attention to make them click and mislead them with irrelevant thumbnails. YouTube doesn’t penalize you for creating misleading thumbnails, but it breaks the user’s interest, and they will not revisit your channel.

    Don’t mislead your audience.

    Use authentic and relevant content for your video. If you mislead your audience by providing false information, they will never revisit your channel. You might fail to grow your channel. The audience helps you to increase your views, so provide them useful and relevant information in your video.

    Avoid hate speech and bad words.

    It is important to follow community guidelines and rules to keep your channel safe. Don’t use bad words in your video. YouTube can block your channel if users complain about it. So, avoid hate speech and bad words.

    Don’t expose people’s privacy.

    This is not ethical to disturb people’s privacy. You cannot use people’s information without their permission. You can upload the content of people with their consent. Keep your content safe and up to a point.

    Don’t violate YouTube policies.

    YouTube has very strict policies. You are not allowed to work against YouTube policies. If you violate the YouTube terms of services, your channel could be terminated or removed permanently. YouTube removes that video, which is against their terms of services. So, always keep in mind YouTube policies.

    9. Share at all your social media

    Once you have uploaded your video on YouTube, share your video on all your social media platforms. It’ll help you to drive more traffic on your YouTube channel. The more people will visit your channel, the more you will get views. Ask your friends to subscribe to your channel and share it on all the social media platforms to get more engagement on your channel. Social media is a more powerful platform. You can also hire a social media marketer for YouTube marketing.

    10. Share at your website:

    It is the best option to embed your YouTube video on your website. You can ask your visitors to watch your video for more information. This will help you to bring traffic to your YouTube video.

    11. Keep your Channel clean and fresh

    Don’t create a mess of videos on your YouTube channel. Keep your channel clean and fresh. Create playlists of your videos for better presentation. Don’t put irrelevant videos on your YouTube channel. Keep your channel fresh and up to date.

    12. Make videos strategy

    Develop a video strategy that you will follow. You cannot make videos without any research; you need some strategy to follow. You should keep in mind these question and think about the viewer’s perspective:

    • Who is your target audience?
    • Why should the audience watch your channel?
    • How are you going to deliver your YouTube video content? (How are you going to upload your videos, one in a week or how?)

    Always remember your audience what they are demanding and what you should deliver.

    Final Words

    YouTube is a place where people spend endless hours watching videos. You can make with YouTube by uploading useful content of people’s interest. No doubt, YouTube has become the best online earning method nowadays. If you are good at something and have some good skills, don’t wait to get a job. Start earning today with YouTube.

    I’ll not recommend you to start a YouTube channel to make money. You should like making videos and putting your hard work into them otherwise;, you cannot succeed. Always follow the YouTube community guidelines if you want to make money with YouTube. Don’t make irrelevant, spam, and hateful content or anything that might get reported, or your account may be terminated.

    Here is the complete guide on how to make money on YouTube. Now, what are you waiting for? Start earning today, and enjoy our useful tips to get more and more success.